Overige activiteiten

Verwey-Jonker Instituut

Op dit moment werk ik bij het Verwey-Jonker Instituut. Het is een Nederlands Instituut voor onderzoek, advies en innovatie op maatschappelijk terrein. Daar werk ik als senior binnen de afdeling Jeugd, Onderwijs en Opvoeding. Informatie over het instituut vind je op deze website: www.verwey-jonker.nl.


Stichting Openbaar Basisonderwijs Westelijke Tuinsteden

De Stichting Openbaar Basisonderwijs Westelijke Tuinsteden is in 2006 opgericht en verzorgt met vijftien scholen openbaar onderwijs in Amsterdam Nieuw West. Ik ben daar met groot enthousiasme lid van de Raad van Toezicht. Informatie over deze stichting is te vinden op www.stwt.nl.


Society of Prevention Research

Society of Prevention Research is an organization dedicated to advancing scientific investigation on the etiology and prevention of social, physical and mental health and academic problems and on the translation of the information to promote health and well being. I’m active member of the International Comité of this organisation. Information about SPR you find here: www.preventionresearch.org.


Communities that Care

Communities That Care (CTC) is a prevention strategy for local communities that empowers them to use robust evidence of ‘what works’ in prevention and early intervention to prevent youth problem behaviours, based on unique profiles of young people’s behavioural outcomes and risk and protective factors in that community. I was active for this in the Netherlands, Europe and worldwide. Here you find some information about it: www.ctc-network.eu.


Delinquency and Substance Use in Europe-Understanding Risk and Protective Factors

Together with David Farrington and Frederick Groeger-Roth I’m editing a book for Springer. The book reports results obtained by using the CTC-YS in five European countries covering different parts of Europe – the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, Croatia, and Cyprus.  The main aim of the book is to compare (a) the prevalence of delinquency and substance use, (b) the prevalence of key risk and protective factors, and (c) the strength of relationships between risk and protective factors and delinquency and substance use, in these five European countries.  The book will investigate similarities and differences between the countries, possible explanations of these, and the implications of the results for theories and for intervention policy and practice. We believe that this book will provide the most convincing evidence ever published about the replicability over time and place of the strength of relationships between (i) risk and protective factors and (ii) delinquency and drug use. In turn, this increases confidence in the generalizability of criminological theories over time and place. We will finish the text before the end of 2018. This will come out in 2019.